Organic Acids Test

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Service Description

Organic Acids is a functional and nutritional evaluation that assesses important metabolic pathways. It is designed to help practitioners identify root causes of dysfunction and provide a systems-based approach to help patients overcome chronic conditions and live a healthier life. The Organic Acids report offers: Nutrient recommendations for key vitamins, minerals, and digestive support Functional pillars with a built-in scoring system to guide therapy around needs for methylation support, toxic exposures, and mitochondrial dysfunction Interpretation-At-A-Glance pages for patient education Dynamic biochemical pathway charts for clearer understanding Which patients might benefit from organic acid testing? Organic Acids testing is effective for patient concerns such as: Mood Disorders6,7 Mitochondrial Dysfunction8 Fatigue9 Chronic Stress10 Inflammation11 Several diseases are associated with abnormal organic acid levels such as depression, anxiety, cardiovascular disease, neurocognitive decline, diabetes, cancer, anorexia, and many others. About the Organic Acids test The Organic Acids report allows for easy interpretation and clinically actionable results. It includes a Suggested Supplement Schedule that provides personalized recommendations based on test results Interpretation-At-A-Glance section of the report provides facts related to nutrient function, causes and complications of their deficiencies, and dietary sources. The Metabolic Analysis Profile report categorizes test results into major metabolic areas: Malabsorption and Dysbiosis Markers Cellular Energy & Mitochondrial Markers Vitamin Markers Neurotransmitter Metabolites Toxin & Detoxification Markers Oxalate Markers Malabsorption and Dysbiosis Markers These markers are byproducts of bacterial and fungal activity in the GI tract that can also come from the fermentation of dietary phenols and flavonoids.12,13 In the absence of dysbiosis, high levels of these metabolites can reflect a healthy intake of antioxidant-rich foods.14 When multiple markers are elevated, a stool test may provide further information regarding dysbiosis or other GI dysfunction.

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