Food Intolerance Blood Test - 211 foods

One man's food is another man's poison

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Price includes test and 20 minute report of findings. DIAGNOSIS OF FOOD HYPERSENSITIVITY AND FOOD INTOLERANCE by the FOOD INTOLERANCE TEST. Test requires a blood draw. This test can be shipped out to you, and you can have blood drawn at location you choose. Recent estimates suggest that about 10% of the population exhibit clinical symptoms attributable directly to food hypersensitivity and food intolerance. Many more suffer from other allergies or ill defined medical problems which may be aggravated by their diets. Food allergies are divided into two major categories: Permanent or fixed allergies: Approximately 5% of food allergies are fixed allergies in which a patient already knows the offending foods which disagree with him. In such cases the relationship between food and symptoms is obvious. Concealed or masked allergies: Approximately 95% of food allergies fall into this category in which a patient is not aware of the foods that disagree with him. These allergies therefore require special diagnostic testing with follow-up counseling and education. Masked allergies are associated with the foods that a susceptible individual eats frequently. Common Symptoms of a Food Allergy: HEAD: dizziness, drowsiness, faintness, fullness in head, headaches, insomnia, sleepy after meals EYES: blurring of vision, watery eyes NOSE: recurrent sinusitis, recurrent sores, runny nose, stuffy nose EARS: earaches, fluid in middle ear, fullness in ears, hearing loss, itching, recurrent infections, ringing THROAT: canker sores, chronic cough, gagging, itchy roof of mouth, soreness HEART & LUNGS: asthma, congestion in chest, hoarseness, increased heart rate, palpitations, rapid heart rate GASTROINTESTINAL: bloating, colitis, constipation, pains, cramps, diarrhea, gas, nausea, vomiting SKIN: dermatitis, eczema, hives, rashes PSYCHOLOGICAL: aggressiveness, anxiety, crying jags, depression, hyperactivity, indifference, irritability OTHER: binge eating, fatigue, hunger, joint aches & pains, muscle aches & pains, swelling of joints in hands or feet, vaginal discharge, weakness *Price does not include blood draw, shipping and handling

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