Acupuncture / Meridian Tapping Initial

Live a life free of emotional stress, happiness and success

  • 30 minutes
  • 99 US dollars
  • Phone, Skype or Zoom

Service Description

This is an initial session so You can experience this new Self-Healing Breakthrough. As a physician trained in acupuncture and meridian therapy I quickly saw the benefits of this self healing and mind performance breakthrough of tapping ancient acupuncture points to restore and balance the body's energy systems. Many common health condition symptoms can be quickly reduced in just minutes. Eastern cultures have understood and utilized these principles for thousands of years. It's only now in the last few decades that western society has started to embrace acupuncture, yoga, meditation and energy medicine. When done correctly these procedures yield results very quickly and in many cases with near permanency. Today it's used by thousands of practioner's all over the world in 57 countries to treat PTSD. It's used by world class athletes, award winning actor's, doctors, and psychologists. NOW, is the time for you to experience one of the best mind body techniques available today. You will literally Tap your way into health, happiness, success, focus and a better You. What you'll experience- one on consultation, the technique it's self and it's basic principles that you can use after our session. We recommend follow up sessions weekly until your results are achieved. In between those sessions you will be give homework using the procedure you just learned. Credit card or debit card payment for services will be taken at the time of service over the phone

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Glen Ellyn, IL, USA