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We are under constant physical, emotional and environmental stressors including viruses. A normal healthy individual will survive most stressors including a virus. The problem arises when a person is under constant chronic prolonged physical, environmental and emotional stress. It's then compounded by poor diet, smoking, vaping, high sugar diets, processed foods, to much alcohol, regular chemical exposure, a lack of exercise or in some cases to much, and a negative reoccurring emotional thought pattern. Isolation and fear can also have negative effects on the immune system. Yes fear! The Truth About This Madness

The body functions as systems, it should not be broken down into parts. Many patients who seek out specialists run from specialist to specialists and in every case that specialist did not look beyond their specialty. They rarely collaborate with each other, other than maybe in a hospital setting. This can also true of alternative practitioners who try to make patients fit their mold. I could see why patients became frustrated, no one is looking at the whole picture. A whole health approach takes time, knowledge and work, for both the patient and doctor. It allows for self discovery along the way, to health, healing and much more.

Many of you are concerned or in some cases experience fear on some level based on of what's taking place right now. The question should be what can I do to not only improve my odds but my overall long term health? Can taking extra vitamin C, D, A, Zinc, Colostrum PRPs and Iodine help? Yes, but it's a compartmental approach and it may help or in some cases create further imbalances. (Nutrients can and often compete for particular spots on a biochemical pathways, imbalances can occur when you take to much of one thing.) Immune systems are also interdependent on the nervous system, hormonal system and belief systems. Yes, belief systems play a role in health and especially immune health. If we start looking at the whole you, a problem can not be treated through a one cause one cure approach. This statement is true in both natural and traditional medicine.

My mantra has always been treat the imbalance(s) or weakness(s) before symptoms or problems occur. Patients who most likely are dying from SARS-COV19, already had multiple system breakdowns and weaknesses. Those weaknesses and system breakdowns were there long before they became sick. Is this virus new, yes and no, some form of Corona has been around for a long time. If you have a healthy immune system, with strong back up systems, you'll probably be okay. (Yes, back up systems, every system in the body has a back up system designed take on part of the challenge when your body is overloaded.) "Treat the person not just the disease". The terrain has to be suitable for a disease or an infection to manifest. So treat the human terrain. Antoine Be'champ

The whole idea of prevention is to avoid an acute a crisis when possible, and survive one when it occurs. True health is about adaption to all forms of stress in an appropriate manner. That adaptation is physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, it's symbiotic in nature.

I think it's important for everyone to understand that the body works together as a Whole, not just as individual parts. Your body and mind function as a symphony of highly intelligent systems working together to maintain health and wellness. You were designed to learn, adapt and create natural immunity. We often forget the miracle and the intelligence of conception, birth and life.

Our goal is help people discover true health, prevention and long term wellness. This process allows for renewed healing and repair, physically and emotionally. In other words WE (you and us) create a healthy, happier more productive version of you.

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