Exercise should it be treated as medicine?

I understand that many people want the benefits of exercise without long hours in the gym. Exercise is medicine, more is not better. Proper movements also enhance the bodies natural energy systems and balance. It's also about sustainability and performance.

Why should anything stop you from experiencing Life. Isn't that why we are here, "we are spiritual being having a physical experience". Why should anything get in the way of that. Is your time spent exercising achieving your goals? Are you seeing the results you want?

Sometimes we need to get an outside perspective, that's where I come into play.

Do I personally use functional movement exercise programs? Yes

Exercise has been a serious part of my life for 40 years. Some of those years were spent as an elite athlete, coach, instructor and now as a physician. We were not meant to be sedentary at the same time we were not meant to "out run our fork".

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