The Future of Medicine is merging Energy Medicine, Quantum Fields and Biochemistry to maintain ongoing health and healing.

Energy Medicine whether it is practiced by human touch, consciousness, physical substance or a physical device it's goal is to bring the body back into homeostasis (balance).


All systems in the human body from the atomic level to the molecular level are constantly in motion creating resonance.  This resonance is important  when it comes to understanding subtle energy and how it directs and maintains wellness by effecting cellular function.

When using physical devices the technology needs to evaluate the human bio-field (energy field), understand the disturbances, and make corrections in energy patterns in real time. The goal of EM (energy medicne) is not to replace an allopathic approach but to evaluate the human body from a bio-energetic quantum field perspective. 

Energy Medicine is really not new it's been practiced for centuries by those who practiced homeopathy, acupuncture, light therapy, sound therapy, magnetic therapy, energy work via hands, energy psychology and meditation.  It's only now that science and technology are advanced enough to make EM devices like the Healy device affordable for home use or in conjunction with your doctor.