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The World Health Organization predicts mental illness will be the second leading cause of death and disability by 2020.


Recent studies published in the Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology found cannabinoids, which occur naturally in the cannabis plant, have positive effects in treating depression and PTSD. while CBD treatment is promising, don't be fooled CBD oil is NOT a stand alone therapy.


CBD oil should be derived from the whole plant including the flower buds. Physician grade Full Spectrum CBD oil should have a COA (certificate of analysis), and a lot number to insure content of Cannabinoid Profile and Potency, Terpenes, ratio of CBD to THC, Heavy Metal Analysis, Microbioloigical Contaminants, Pathogenic Bacterial Contaminants, and Pesticide Analysis. 


CBD oil should not be utilized in certain conditions (Covid-19, Cancer Rxs)  and proper dosing is necessary to gain the best results. CBD oil is a complimentary natural medicine.