Functional Medicine

The functional medicine model of care in our office offers a patient wellness approach to health as opposed to a disease management approach. It seeks to answer the question, “Why are you ill?” so you can receive personalized, effective care for your needs. We take a "gene first approach", and it's the foundation to everything we do. This approach means focusing on a patient's genes AND their diet, lifestyle and supplement choices, to provide them with the best insights and tools for optimizing their health upfront.


This gene first approach allows us to know exactly where to start with each patient. Every patient is unique and complex, it gives us valuable insight into developing a well constructed health and lifestyle plan. This allows us to create specific diet and lifestyle plan, targeted supplementation and precision functional and laboratory testing if needed. In the long run this saves the patient time and money since we are no longer taking a trial and error approach.

We also are truly unique in our care as blend the best of both Western and Eastern Medicine approaches.


We typically have access to over 30 functional medicine laboratories and standard medical labs in just one portal allowing for patient and practitioner ease of use. The company we use will support you through the whole process including billing. 


Our treatment is also unique since we do utilized some nutraceuticals but more often we utilize Traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs which create a better more long lasting effect.

In our office you getting the best of the West and East approaches to true healthcare.

Lab Experiments

Have ever wonder do I really need to take vitamins?

One thing I will always say to a patient if you really want to know, "Let's Test Not Guess".

The proper type and amount of any nutrient can make a profound effect on not just healing and overall health, but also in pain management, recovery and performance. 

Sliced Beef

"One man's food is another man's poison".

We can disagree on what type of diet is best and i can agree on that, but what if the food your eating reacts like a poison in your body. 

Don't guess about food sensitivities "test".

Knowledge is power and food is medicine.